Calendar of Events

29 June 2024 – “U.S. Immigration”, Presented by Carolyn Brown

27 July 2024- “DAR”, Presented by Teri Koenig

31 August 2024- “Sanguinetti House and Museum”, Presented by Amanda Dahl

28 September 2024- “What’s New at the FamilySearch Center”, Presented by Anne Bodine

Regular meetings are the LAST Saturday of the month at 10:00 AM at the

Yuma Main Library

2951 S. 21st Drive

Meetings to be held year round now!

Visitors are welcome to attend the meetings and presentations.

Preserving History
One person at a time...
Genealogy Research Strategy

We can get you started on your path to your past. Getting to know your ancestry is our goal & preserving it will also be our priority.

Knowing what your roots are & where they have been is important so we would like to extend a hand to help find what you have been looking for.

Helping you with your research can be acquired in many different ways. We have our forms that you can download & fill out. You can also contact us with any questions you may have.

About GSYA

To get your journey started, with a little help from our experts you can be on your way to finding exciting new things about your past & history.

You must prepare yourself for what can end up being a long and studious process that will require dedication & time. We will be here to help through the whole process & make sure you get results.

Preserve & teach people of Yuma’s rich history. Help & teach individuals get started with their own genealogy.

A Little About Our Past

GSYA began officially in 1993, Betsy Gottsponer was a founding member.