Genealogical Society of Yuma Arizona

We are a non profit group that specializes in preserving the history of Yuma, AZ. Every single member of our group is passionate about the rich history behind Yuma. Our goals are simple: to preserve the history of Yuma, but at the same time strive to help every single individual that is wanting to learn about their own past. We try & motivate individuals to pursue their journey in finding something new about themselves and their ancestors, giving each and every person the best tools & resources to accomplish this.

 We help people to discover their ancestors from countries all over the world as well as preserving Yuma’s rich past.



  1. Promote an interest in genealogical or family history research as well as encourage and assist its members to perform good genealogical research using quality standards and documentation.
  2. Help collect and preserve public and private records as well as artifacts, and ensure their public access for genealogical and historical purposes.
  3. Donate appropriate records to libraries, historical, or genealogical societies.
  4. Publish genealogical and historical information in paper or electronic publications, or other means as recommended by the society’s members.